COVID-19 Information

A Message from Principal Gordon:

Greetings Robeson Families,

As communicated by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf this morning, all Pennsylvania Schools have been closed for the remainder of the school year in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).  The District, under guidance from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH), by complying with the Governor’s order is taking extra precautions to address this issue in our school communities. To help alleviate some of the uncertainty that comes with this news, I’m providing some guidance below to clarify what this means for our students, families, our academics, and grading policies.

Providing a Continuity of Education for Students

The School District of Philadelphia is implementing a “Continuity of Education” Plan for students.  In short, we will make digital activities accessible to all students beginning April 20th.   Students will have access to additional review and enrichment activities/assignments that will be uploaded into each teacher’s Google classroom in advance.  Teachers will be able to working with students individually and as a group with the online lessons they will share with students as needed.


Specifically, for the month of April, the District will be focused on review and enrichment activities.  During academic review and enrichment time, new content should not be taught. Review and enrichment activities will only be related to content from before March 13th, and the online resources teachers make available.  Our Academic activities will include:


Google Hangouts meetings with students (Online whole/small group and/or individual support)

o   Timely feedback on original assignment/assessment

o   Tasks assigned by teacher

o   Study packets

o   Attending an online review session

o   Computer-based tutorials

o   Peer Tutoring

o   Online software, databases, online programs that provide timely feedback to students on their performance

·       All Teachers will be available to respond to student/parents/family inquiries, and closely monitor District emails to support students during designated Office Hours

·       All Teachers re-post ALL past assignments (assignments prior to March 13th) for Quarters 1, 2, & 3 to their Google Classrooms.  Students will be offered the opportunity to make up any missing or failing assignment given during these Marking Periods.  Students will be required to show proof of assignment completion, and must submit assignments as indicated by the teacher.  Assignments may include:

o   Projects, experiments, investigations

o   Essays

o   Quizzes, tests

o   Homework

o   Compositions – written, spoken, computer programs, musical

o   Art-painting, photography, drawing, sculpting

o   Multi-media – websites, ideas, brochures

o   Presentations – panel discussions, skits, speeches, multimedia

o   Displays – graphs, concept maps, tables, charts

o   Quick writes, journals, logs

o   Discussion and participation – Socratic seminars, literature circles, recitation

o   Simulation

o   Construction, building, or assembling models

o   Responding to signals from team mates

o   Using skills, knowledge, tools or technology in new situations.

·       Grade Improvement – Students will have the opportunity to use the District’s “Review & Enrichment” during 3rd Quarter to engage in Grade Improvement.  In other words, students may earn EXTRA CREDIT to boost/improve their grades for a specific class and a specific Marking Period.



·       Principal Gordon and School Leadership Team will address Senior Grades for the remainder of the school year.  All Final Senior Grades will be approved by Principal Gordon.  Several Seniors still owe specific “12th Grade” obligations, and those Seniors will be addressed individually.

·       Graduation has not been officially addressed by the School District of Philadelphia.  We will keep you posted should any additional news is provided.

·       It is our hopes to have a day after the quarantine is lifted whereby Senior may visit Robeson High School to pick up their Senior and personal items from school.   In the meantime, ALL SENIORS ARE TO SUBMIT UPDATED ADDRESS, EMAIL, & PHONE NUMBERS where Senior items can be sent in case the quarantine lasts into June.

·       Refunds for Senior Dues, as well distribution of Caps/Gowns, Yearbooks, and Diplomas will be addressed AFTER the Memorial Day holiday.  Robeson High School must abide by the Statewide quarantine, and so we will address this matter after it has been declared safe to return to school and make the necessary arrangements.

Please continue to be patient, follow every health protection protocol while you are home.  I will be happy to address any additional questions and/or concerns.   Thank you for your understanding   Look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you all soon.   Stay healthy and safe!